• About Skyline Dredging

    Every dredging system has its pros and cons, and every pit has its difficulty from pit layout to material types. However, a skyline dredge is a unique machine, as it has the capacity to adapt to various obstacles that will be encountered during the dredging and excavation of multiple types of materials. 


    Skyline dredgers have come a long way in history since the days of using draglines, scraper systems, and the old sauerman type of dredges. 


    Today's skyline dredgers are more versatile and have less limitations than the widely known suction dredges. Other benefits of a skyline dredger is that you do not have to worry about clay layers, aggregates size, deposit depths, expenses increasing because of the distance from your plant, expensive repairs, or contaminating the water with an oil leak. Another thing to consider is the fact that other dredging systems except the dragline are only good for dredging. However, this is not the case with skyline dredgers, as they are very effective on dry land; excavating material, and doing reclamation projects. 


    As a leading company in the industry, you can count on our knowledge, experience, and innovative thinking to help you maximize profits and minimize costs. Give us a call today and we will help you determine which options are the most suitable for your mining operations.

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