6 Biggest Problems That Dredging Companies Will Solve

You are a government official, a waterfront owner, or an aspiring miner, and an upcoming dredging project is staring you in the face. You wonder whether you should try to dredge on your own or hire a company to do it for you. You want to save money by doing it yourself, but dredging is an expensive endeavor. Removing the stress of dredging is not as hard as you would think. Professional dredging companies like United Dredging exist for just that purpose! These companies excel at solving the tough problems that come with dredging so you don't have to, unburdening your wallet and freeing up your time. Below are 6 of the worries dredging companies can help take off your mind.

6 Problems That Dredging Companies Will Solve So You Don't Have To!

Dredging is the process of removing sand, silt, minerals, or debris from the bottom of lakes, harbors, and other bodies of water.  Dredging is a routine process for busy waterways, as sedimentation naturally fills the water bed, reducing the depth of the waterway and the size of ships that can access the water.

Dredging can also remove harmful pollutants and debris from bodies of water, creating a safer and cleaner space for wildlife. Private companies utilize dredging to recover natural resources like sand, silt, and gravel.

Hiring Expensive Equipment

Dredging takes some serious equipment! Dredges come in all shapes and sizes, but none of them are cheap. Depending on the dredge and on the project, you may also have to rent several pieces of added equipment. Renting a single dredge can cost around $700 per day and up to $2,000 a week. Even if you can afford to rent or buying the equipment, operating it is a whole other matter. Dredges take specific training to handle: training you most likely don't have.

Professional companies are a game-changer from the perspective of equipment. Dredging businesses already own the necessary equipment needed to take care of your unique project. Instead of needing to find and pay for expensive equipment yourself, there is a simple, all-encompassing fee when using a professional company.

No need to worry about knowing how to operate a dredge yourself or wondering if you've even chosen the right dredge. It's all taken care of when you hire a company instead of attempting to do it all on your own.

Finding Talented Workers

Dredging is a unique occupation. Unlike most construction work, dredge workers cannot see the surface they are dealing with. They depend on feeling rather than sight, much which comes through years of practice. Skills like these are difficult to acquire, nor are they cheap to hire! Unless you employ dredging services year-round, it is financially impractical to employ the necessary workers on your own without blowing your budget.

Dredging companies have the capital to hire experienced workers. They can offer their services for much lower prices than you would find privately and will be more likely to employ individuals with experience and an excellent reputation. Companies like these commission the most qualified of workers, providing you with the best dredging experience possible.

Interpreting Hydrographic Surveys

Essential to any dredging project is the interpretation of a hydrographic survey. This survey examines the bed of water, documents possible challenges, and gives information regarding which equipment would suit this project the best. This survey is necessary and important, but it is difficult to translate without experience. Mistranslating a hydrographic survey could cause errors that would cost you.

When you use a professional source used to analyzing surveys from a variety of projects, you minimize the possibility of mistakes. These companies have the resources and expertise to correctly translate your survey and provide you with the correct information regarding your project. They can use this important information to supply you with the correct equipment and perform the most efficient procedures. Using a dredging company this way will save you from losing money on misinformation.

Obtaining Permits

Permits are almost always required to run a dredge. These are government-issued, and the number and type your project will require changes based on your state and situation. Some projects require state permits, some federal permits, and some even ask for municipality permits. The process to acquire the necessary permits can be confusing and long.

Here again, a professional company can save you time and money. Dredging companies are used to the hassle of obtaining required permits and will be knowledgeable about the necessary permits for your location and project. They can successfully get all the required permits without you having to stress about anything.

Navigating Confusing Insurance

Just like permits, obtaining the necessary insurance for your dredging project is a headache. Almost every part of a dredging project includes insurance. Your equipment and the capital you've invested in case something goes wrong are just the start. If your project is close to a protected water site, you may have to insure against possible environmental impact. The list goes on and on.

The maze of insurance is something dredging companies are prepared for. They have the know-how and familiarity with insurance that you don't. They know their way around the insurance needed for different equipment, location, and excavation. Allowing them to take care of your insurance challenges will save you precious time for more important things.

Tackling Surprises

It's the same for any undertaking. You make a plan, you put it into action, and all seems well. Until it isn't. Any number of things can go wrong in a dredging project. A regulation is misunderstood, a lake is polluted, or the wrong dredge is used. Without knowing how to fix problems that will undoubtedly arise with dredging, you can leave yourself in a fix.

Professional dredgers can handle those rough surprises for you. They have experience in handling all the problems associated with dredging. Instead of being worried and stressed about those surprises, you can let a company handle it for you, leaving you calm and worry-free. Using a professional company can also minimize the chance that things will go wrong, as they have the knowledge foresee problems before they arise instead of after.

Making the Most of Your Time and Money

Whether you need to excavate minerals and sand, clear the bottom of a lake, or fix the erosion problem threatening your home, you know a dredging project is in order. But it doesn't have to be stressful!

Professional dredging business can save you the time and money you would much rather spend somewhere else. Their knowledge and proficiency can streamline your project, removing unnecessary concerns and superfluous costs. They can help you avoid pitfalls and make the most of your time.

If you're looking for a company to help you complete your dredging project, contact United Dredging in Ellsworth, WI. United Dredging is a family-based dredging and excavation business, dedicated to efficiency and affordability. We offer quality control, competitive pricing, and superior technical support. Our commitment to going above and beyond on every project makes us the perfect choice to help you fulfill your dredging needs!  

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