6 Best Times to Hire a Skyline Dredge Company

Whether you run a construction company, work at a public agency, or are a prospective miner, you may find yourself in need of a dredging job. While it may seem tempting to handle the task yourself, this is usually not a good idea. A professional dredge company has the equipment and industry knowledge to complete your dredging project as safely and efficiently as possible.

Dredging Methods

The two main methods for dredging are suction and mechanical. Suction dredges, which are widely used today, resemble a large vacuum cleaner that sucks up sediment from the bottom of a water body. Mechanical dredgers use specialized buckets mounted on an excavator to scoop up sediment and raise it out of the water.

Skyline Dredging

The skyline dredging system is an advanced and innovative mechanical dredger. Skyline dredgers can work around obstacles in the water body and excavate different types of materials, making them more versatile than previous mechanical dredgers. For an effective dredge that saves you time and money, hiring a skyline dredge company could be a great choice for your upcoming project.

6 Best Times to Hire a Skyline Dredge Company

1. Your Site Layout Is Inconvenient

Depending on the shape of the water body that you plan to dredge, it may be difficult to remove all of the sediment with an ordinary dredger. However, the skyline dredging system overcomes many of the limitations of previous dredgers. It can work around obstacles and remove material from all the sections of your site, even if the layout is not optimal for dredging. Skyline dredgers are also a good option for large, spread-out sites. They can be moved across your site as the dredging project progresses. You won't have to worry about additional expenses for dredging areas farther from shore. Skyline dredgers are one of the most versatile machines available for sediment removal jobs. They can adapt to the unique topography of your site, making them an ideal choice for difficult sites that may be challenging and costly to dredge by other means.

2. Your Site Contains Difficult Soil Types

Suboptimal soil types such as clay, gravel, and aggregates can slow down or even put a halt to a dredging project. They can clog suction dredges and make progress difficult. With new advances in skyline dredging technology, however, you don't need to let challenging soils slow down your project anymore. Skyline dredgers work by scooping soil out of the water body instead of sucking it through a pipe, so they can excavate more types of materials than other dredges. If your site contains a mixture of soil types, skyline dredgers can remove them all in one go. These adaptable machines can handle any surprises that your site may have to offer. You won't need to concern yourself with buried clay layers or large aggregates.

3. Your Site Is Near a Protected Body of Water

Improper dredging also has the potential to disturb sensitive waterways and cause environmental damage. This can be a major concern if your site is located near a specially regulated body of water, such as a marine reserve or a municipal water source. If you are dredging near a protected waterway, you could be held liable for contamination that results from the dredge.

Environmental codes and regulations can be difficult to sort through. It is best to hire a professional company with years of dredging experience under their belt so that you won't have to worry about overlooking something. Professional dredgers are informed about environmental regulations, and they have the technical skills to minimize the disturbance caused by the project. Dredging companies have insurance that covers expenses related to environmental impact, so they are well prepared for any problems that may arise. Skyline dredgers are compact and self-contained, so they minimize the risk of oil leaks that could contaminate the water. If you are working near a protected waterway, choosing a skyline dredger for your upcoming project could help put your mind at ease.

4. Your Site Is on Dry Land

While dredging is typically associated with the removal of sediment from water bodies, the same principle can be used on dry land. Perhaps you need to excavate material at a mine or a construction site, and you are looking for a machine that will get the job done efficiently.

Most types of commonly used dredgers, such as suction varieties, are only useful in the water. However, skyline dredgers are effective for land-based excavations, as well. They are a cost-effective way to remove large amounts of material from your site, and their unique design allows them to excavate areas that may be difficult to access with traditional equipment.

These features of skyline dredgers also make them ideal for land reclamation projects. Land reclamation is the process of removing material from the seabed and using it to fill in or construct new land. This requires you to work both in and out of the water, so skyline dredgers are a prime candidate for the task.

5. You Want to Access Underwater Mineral Deposits

Underwater sediments can contain valuable elements like gold, but they are difficult to extract. Prospective miners often turn to dredging to recover underwater mineral deposits. Skyline dredgers are effective for this job because they can be mounted on barges and easily moved through the water. Additionally, they cause less disturbance to the seabed than some other forms of dredging, especially if operated by knowledgeable professionals.

6. You're on a Budget

It might seem like it would save you money to run a dredge on your own, but the high overhead cost of dredging might make you think twice. Running a dredge involves specialized equipment that is costly to rent, transport, and store. If your site contains any of the challenges mentioned above, such as layout issues or difficult soils, the equipment costs needed to overcome these obstacles will be even higher.

When you are dealing with sediment, you run a high risk of mechanical problems. The cost of equipment repair must be factored into any dredging project, as well as insurance expenses pertaining to the equipment.

From equipment costs to insurance and permit fees, the expenses of a dredging project quickly add up. It will save you money and hassle to leave the task to a company that already has the resources and knowledge to carry out your dredge properly. If you hire a skyline dredge company, your project can benefit from state-of-the-art dredging equipment without incurring overhead costs.

Make Sure Your Dredging Project Gets Done Right

From construction to land reclamation to underwater mining, dredging has many uses. A skyline dredge system is one of the most versatile pieces of machinery currently available in the industry. It is the best dredger for navigating obstacles on your site, and it is effective in a variety of different soil types, both in and out of water.

However, dredging requires a specialized set of skills and knowledge, so it is best to let a professional dredge company handle the job. Doing so will save you money on equipment costs and ensure that the outcome of your dredge project meets your expectations. Contact United Dredging to make sure that your dredging project gets done the right way, at the right price.

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