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7 Signs It's Time to Hire a Dredging Company

Dredging is a big project that requires the right equipment, plenty of expertise, and lots of permits and permissions. It's natural to want to put off major projects for as long as possible, but eventually you may need to hire a dredging company to get the job done. How do you know when it's time?

Your Water Is Shrinking

If your pond, waterway, or other body of water is decreasing in depth and width, then it might be time to get some help. Shrinking waterholes almost always need dredging. Over time, bodies of water and coastal areas become ever more shallow, as sediment, debris, and even trash build up. As the waterways decrease in width, swampland can also build up, creating all kinds of problems of its own. The only way to return your body of water to its previous condition is through dredging.


You've Got Algae or Odor

If your coastline, riverline, pond, or any other body of water is starting to smell or building up too much algae, it's time to get it dredged. While aeration may be able to ameliorate some of the smell issue, this is a short-term solution that doesn't get to the root of the problem. Combining an aerator with dredging can provide the effective long-term management solution you need.


Wildlife Is Disappearing

Whether they're dying off or just moving on, losing marine wildlife and land wildlife supported by a waterway could be a sign your waterway needs to be dredged. Marine wildlife usually disappears because the balance has gone off: there is too much plant life in the water, and as a result there are too many nutrients. This causes oxygen deprivation, which kills or drives away everything that lives in the area.


Maritime Vessels Can't Get In

If you have maritime trade on any body of water, but ships and boats are starting to have trouble getting through, it's time to dredge. Dredging can clear rivers to allow deeper draft vessels to pass through, expand existing ports to allow for larger vessels, or create new berthing places and turning basins.


Land Needs to Be Reclaimed

Land is valuable, and whether you have an industrial site, an airport, or a residential area, you may find yourself needing to expand: yet the only feasible direction is towards the water. These projects have to be done carefully and following all environmental rules and regulations. A dredging company has the expertise to build new land using rock, clay, and sand from the body of water while ensuring that your project protects the environment around it and stays in compliance.


Floods Are Threatening

If your land is being threatened by floods and storms more often these days, you may need dike construction, beach re-nourishment, or some other type of protection work. A dredging company can help you assess your existing protections and decide how they can be enhanced.


You Need to Lay Lines Perfectly

If you've got power cables, umbilicals, or pipelines that need to get through, especially offshore or along shore lines, dredgers can help you build the necessary trenches you need to get accurate positioning for your instruments and facilities. Laying these lines requires perfect precision and expert construction, which is just where a dredging company can help.


Hire the Best

Whatever your dredging need, call United Dredging to find out how we can put our experience and specialization to work for you. We're committed to lasting in the industry and building long-term business relationships that benefit us all. We want to take care of your dredging needs and get your project on track as affordably and efficiently as possible.


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